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David Bodi, Chairman
James Kent, Treasurer
Frederick Coffey, Vice-Chairman
Howard Wilmoth, Recording Secretary
Carol A. Smith
 James D. Rausch
   Don Nearhood
John Panzer



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Your "new" SHAZAMChek Debit Card has an app called
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Download the app to your phone and immediately be alerted of:
**Fraudulent activity
**A debit purchase for more than an amount you specify
**Any card-not-present debit transaction (phone, Internet and mail)
Any suspicious or high-risk transaction that occurs on your account

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With MasterCard SecureCode™ only you, and the people you give permission to, can make online purchases at participating merchants when you enroll in this new, free service. SecureCode™ is a private code that protects you against unauthorized use of your card when you shop online at participating merchants.

You begin by selecting your own private code. Just like using your PIN at the ATM, all you do is enter your private SecureCode™ during checkout at participating online merchants when prompted. Once your identity is confirmed, your purchase is complete! 

When you get your SHAZAMChek Debit Card, be sure to take advantage of these new services! We appreciate your
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Annual Privacy Notices Online!
Our annual privacy notices are now available online. 
If you want a copy of our notice, 
please submit an 
email to:
or call us at 419-626-4283.
Please go to bottom of the page and click on Privacy Policy to view our privacy notice.







Our Mission Statement

To meet the financial needs of our present and future members through community involvement and sound financial decisions.

 Business Loans Now Available!

The North Coast Business Lending Center, LLC is a joint venture of ECFCU 
and other local credit unions. It was created to provide business loans for our
members who have businesses. 

North Coast Business Lending Center
169 North Ridge Street Suite B
Monroeville, OHIO 44847 


ECFCU'S Staff Members
Jerry P. Weininger, CEO
Gerri B. Schaefer, Operations Manager
Loretta J. Meyer, Loan Manager
Jennifer M. Wood, Accounting Manager
Janis G. Macki
Jennifer R. Gast
Debra S. Joiner
Aimee R. Sloan
Michael W. Graham
Cheryl D. Bellottie
         Linda K. Windau     Veronica A. Johnson