Business Loans

businessloansNeed extra cash to purchase rental property?  Want to expand and finance that equipment?  Read on.

Erie Community FCU is proud to be a part of The North Coast Business Lending, LLC, a joint venture of ECFCU and several other local credit unions to offer competitive rates to underwrite our members small business lending needs.

North Coast Business Lending was created to provide small business loans for our members who own their own companies.  We also have a great track record of financing small entrepreneurs and underwrite rental real estate as well as equipment financing.

Ask us how ECFCU and the NCBLC can help grow your business! We offer competitive rates with your success in mind.  For more detail, visit our website specifically for this business lending partnership at:

Our North Coast Business Lending partners are qualified, seasoned lenders who are experts at helping will be happy to answer your questions and move your business goals forward. 

The financing is local.  The service is local.  The expertise is universal. 

For immediate service, please contact:  419-465-2091 and share that your a member or eligible member of Erie Community Federal Credit Union.