Short Term Small (STS) Loan

To Provide An Alternative to Payday Lending!

  • Must be in good standing with Credit Union
  • (No delinquent loans, negative shares or share draft (checking account balances),etc.
    see Credit Union for more details if questions
  • Loan Amounts in the Range from $250 – $500
  • Can be Repaid over a minimum of 1 month & a maximum of 6 months
  • Interest Rate 28.00%, If doing Payroll Deduction 25.00% Interest Rate

These Loans will be done Year Round

  • Member can have 3 of these loan types in a 6 month period, but only 1 at a time.
  • Loan Application Must be Filled Out Each Time & Income Must Be Verified
  • Loan application Fee $20.00 each time
  • Must Have An Open & Active Share Account for a Period of 6 months
  • No Credit Check

You may fill out the loan application online under Forms, just be sure to fill out all areas & for Purpose be sure to put STS Loan, the amount $250.00-$500.00, & write down how many months you want it for 1-6 months. ALSO, make sure you fill out the Verification of Income Form, if you do not work for Baptist, you will need to submit your most recent paycheck stub.